Sixteen year-old Jayson Porter wants to believe things will get better. But the harsh realities of his life never seem to change . . .
After the sudden and violent death of his father, there remains only one certainty in Keith James’s life: everything is going to be different now...
IN THIS GRIPPING STORY, four very different teens reveal their deepest feelings and fears during a day in which the hurts and struggles of high school escalate dangerously . . .
Fun poems about the "ups & downs" of being small!!
"His free verse is highly rhythmic and demands to be performed." (SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL)
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2 Author's inspired by 1 piece of art. Check out "The God of St.James and Vine."
"NOT LIKE TV" by Jaime Adoff

"Finding Jimi"

Finding Jimi, February 13, 2006
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After a tragic event, Keith James suddenly finds that his life is turned upside down. His father, known by most people as MAJ, was murdered and now Keith is having to not only deal with the grief and loss, but also with all of the changes in his life. Despite his father's relatively successful career in the music industry, they were left with nothing but a lot of bills. Keith's mother, unable to maintain the household financially, sells off most of her husbands music equipment and other valuables and she and Keith move from New York City to live with Keith's aunt in a small town in Ohio. The move is unsettling for Keith, even more so when school starts and he doesn't exactly fit in. He is bi-racial, a musician -- he plays the guitar, a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix, and dresses a bit unconventionally -- at least on small town Ohio terms. For these reasons, he feels a bit alienated and doesn't even attempt to make friends. In spite of this, he befriends and develops a bit of a crush on a "super-fine girl with long blonde hair" named Veronica. Financial issues and grief are two things no one in Keith's home want to discuss, however, they are two things that cannot be ignored and cause a great deal of stress and unspoken tension. This intensifies when MAJ's deepest secrets are revealed, and rock Keith to the very core. With only one friend to rely on, Keith must make a journey that will help him discover the truth, and ultimately come to terms with his father's death.

JIMI AND ME is a fantastic read. Jaime Adoff has an uncanny ability to capture the thoughts, feelings and melodrama of early teens and put them into his characters. I felt as if Keith was someone I could have went to school with, and I am certain that young adult readers, especially boys will be able to relate to him. Adoff has a unique writing style that is a blend of poetry and prose. He tells a profound story, with such an economy for words, that you can't help but appreciate his ability as a writer. JIMI AND ME is poignant and at times humorous, but at its core it is a truthful account about growing beyond pain and hurt.

Reviewed by Stacey Seay
of The RAWSISTAZ� Reviewers