Sixteen year-old Jayson Porter wants to believe things will get better. But the harsh realities of his life never seem to change . . .
After the sudden and violent death of his father, there remains only one certainty in Keith Jamesís life: everything is going to be different now...
IN THIS GRIPPING STORY, four very different teens reveal their deepest feelings and fears during a day in which the hurts and struggles of high school escalate dangerously . . .
Fun poems about the "ups & downs" of being small!!
"His free verse is highly rhythmic and demands to be performed." (SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL)
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2 Author's inspired by 1 piece of art. Check out "The God of St.James and Vine."
"NOT LIKE TV" by Jaime Adoff

The Death of Jayson Porter-BOOKLIST-STARRED REVIEW

Advanced Review Ė Uncorrected Proof
Issue: April 1, 2008
The Death of Jayson Porter.
Adoff, Jaime (Author)
Apr 2008. 320 p. Hyperion/​Jump at the Sun, hardcover, $15.99. (1423106911).

*[star]* Jayson Porterís life is miserable. His relationship with his alcoholic mother wavers between abuse and neglect, his father is a downwardly spiraling crack addict, and he literally has to dodge bullets in the projects just to stay alive long enough to escape in the only way he sees possible. He daydreams about throwing himself off his building, and when he finally does, he has a split-second realization on the way to oblivion that no matter how grim, life is too precious to abandon hope. Miraculously, he is given a second chance at life. Adoff, whose verse-novel Jimi & Me won a 2006 Coretta Scott King Award, captures the inner-city voice of drug-strangled poverty from Jaysonís point of view, in stark prose that crumbles into haunting blank verse, effectively using both white and black space to convey Jaysonís anguished mentality as he crawls ever closer to the edge.. This forceful story will appeal to the many readers, some in despair, who will find Jayson a character they can cling to. It's a hard book to read, and even harder to put down. ó Ian Chipman-BOOKLIST-STARRED REVIEW