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*The Song Shoots Out of My Mouth: A Celebration of Music

"The Drummer"


This rockin' collection of twenty-four dynamic, original poems vividly captures a variety of musical experiences from the teen perspective.
From playing in the school band to playing air guitar, from performing a favorite song to dreaming of stardom, the power of music is explored in passionate text and bold, energetic illustrations.
The rhythm and language of each poem reflect a different musical genre, including classical, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, and reggae. Whether hitting drums "with more force/than a million recess bullies," rapping "no one can touch me, don't even try to front," or depicting the struggles of a garage band. These vibrant poems and bold, energetic illustrations are an ode to the soul-sustaining experience of music.
Backnotes on musicians and musical terms used are included.

Illustrated by Martin French.

Published by Dutton Children's Books
(Penguin Putnam)